Curated List of Learning Material

This section lists external material like conference talks, articles and blogs that cover Reactor 3+ and can serve as an alternative source of knowledge about the library.

  Lite Rx API Hands On

A hands-on targeted at an audience discovering reactive programming, with Reactor 3.

  Head-First Spring and Reactor Reactive Workshop

An hands-on introduction to Spring Boot 2 and Reactor.

  Flight of the Flux

Understanding Reactor internals

  Get Started with Reactive Programming in Spring

A collection of tutorials based on Okta, Spring, Reactor by Matt Raible

  Get Reactive with Project Reactor and Spring 5

A deep-dive slide deck about Reactor and Spring by Oleh Dokuka

  David Karnok's Blog

David Karnok ( akarnokd) is the main RxJava committer, but he also contributes to Reactor. His blog digs deep into details of reactive flows implementations, and most of this knowledge can be transposed to Reactor.